KAM specializes in supporting the Rolls-Royce T56 and 501D aircraft engine family.  We also offer C-130 and P3 Aircraft Inspection and valuation/repair analysis. With more the 20 years experience, we've effectively got our customers off the ground. We provide extensive knowledge of U.S. aircraft, engines, and accessories. With our competitive pricing, full traceability, and high quality parts you'll be happy you choose us.

Quality, service, and value are our philosophy. You can rest assured that all parts come with full trace, either from O.E.M. or other approved vendors. So when it comes to airframe, engine, propellers, avionics, and accessories make sure to give us a call first!!  


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Providing quality parts/products and services to satisfied operators and maintenance facilities of aircraft around the world. We will provide value to our customers by offering quality products at a substantial and fair price. We will accomplish this by correctly managing parts and services we provide throughout our business. 

  • To reach around the world with a variety of quality goods and services for our customers and suppliers who want to be served the way THEY want to be served.
  • Where employees are valued more the profit and are treated with respect and are developed to their highest potential.
  • To be trusted by our customers as much as we value them. Honesty and truthfulness in all our dealing is paramount. 
  • Where we train for competency, so we can be effective and efficient to our maximum potential. 
  • Create and embraces new technology throughout the industry.
  • For production of engines, parts, and services to move at its maximum effectiveness.